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Embark on a transformative journey with Everybody Martial Arts. Our booking page offers a seamless way to enroll in Wing Tsun classes tailored for all ages and skill levels. Whether you're seeking self-defense, fitness, or mental clarity, your path to mastery begins here. Secure your spot and elevate your life.

Traditional Wing Tsun Training

Traditional Wing Tsun Training

Adult Classes

Adult Classes at Everybody Martial Arts offer a dynamic approach to self-defense, emphasizing Wing Tsun's practical techniques suitable …
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Youth Classes

Youth Classes at Everybody Martial Arts are specifically designed to give your child a head start in life through the discipline of Wing …
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Private Instruction

Private Instruction at Everybody Martial Arts is tailored to fit your unique needs and schedule, offering a more personalized approach to …
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Free Trial Class

Discover the transformative power of Wing Tsun Kung Fu with a Free Trial Class at Everybody Martial Arts. This is your opportunity to …
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Insights and Techniques with Sifu John Brusstar

Explore the dynamic world of Wing Tsun through our exclusive video collection, featuring Sifu John Brusstar. From thrilling exhibition matches to informative tutorials on stretching, self-defense, and technique applications, each video offers a unique glimpse into the mastery of Wing Tsun Kung Fu. Dive into our curated content to witness the art and science of this ancient martial art brought to life.


The Wing Tsun Kung Fu being taught here is authentic, well rounded and practical. Sifu John clearly has a passion for the art and fosters a...  Read more
Apr 16, 2024
Juan Valdez
Practical, legitimate and honest Wing Tsun! I've thoroughly enjoyed training hard with multiple skill levels in a respectful, positive and fun...  Read more
Apr 8, 2024
McBen L

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